A forgotten artifact from a French rummage store is a harbinger about the dangers for investors in China and Russia.
Ordinary people never recovered from their anger that bankers were bailed while their less connected counterparties weren't.
Those who can't think more creatively than a chat bot are scared of them but mustn't hinder everybody else.

December 2022

Conclusion: there are few if any bots and lots of unhappy contractors but also clear signs of industry coordination against the rule.
Confirmation bias often causes people to overlook both obvious problems and solutions.

November 2022

Ignoring value when using tech to spin garbage into gold too often leaves just garbage.

August 2022

This is a great time to build new blue ocean businesses.

July 2022

How the invention of an unknown and disliked 18th century French gunsmith brought about everything from modern factories to an ability to read this…

June 2022

Women's healthcare clinics on tribal lands is a low-cost long-term solution to get around state-based restrictions on abortion.
The forest fire now burning through the markets - with too many food delivery and payment offerings and too few value innovators - will clear the way…

April 2022

Many of the most historically successful entrepreneurs have neither the "right" families, money, connections, or schooling.

March 2022

There's enormous opportunity in a social media network of trust, a blue ocean because the current social media giants clearly don't care.